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International Events
The First International Conference

"Law and Language"


was held in Montreal, Canada, at the Quebec University in Montreal, in April 1988. The Proceedings were published in 1989.

The Second International Conference

"Law and Language in Multilingual Settings"


was held in Hong Kong, at the City Polytechnic University, on February 1990. A selection of papers presented at the Conference was published in 1994.

The Third International Conference

"Law , Language and Equality"


was held in Pretoria , South Africa , at the Human Science Research Council and at the University of Pretoria , in April 1992.

The Fourth International Conference

"Law and Language(s) of Teaching") 


was held in Fribourg, at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, in September 1994. The Proceedings were published in 2001.

The Fifth International Conference

"Law, Language and Autochtony"


was held in Havana, Cuba, at the CTTE-Capitolio Nacional, in April 1996. The Proceedings are available on C.D. at the Cuban Section of the Academy.

The Sixth International Conference

"Law, Language and Multilingual Cities"


was held at the Vaasa and Åbo  Akademi Universities, in Vaasa-Vasa, Finland, in September 1998. The Proceedings were published in 1999.

In October, 1999, The Academy was among the organizing institutions of the International Conference of Pretoria (South Africa) on "Multilingual Cities and Towns in South Africa - Challenges and Prospects"

The First Version of the Summaries were published at the beginning of the year 2000 by the concerned South African institutions.

The Seventh International Conference

"Law and Language - Language of the People and Language of the State"


was held in June of the year 2000 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in cooperation with the Ateneo Puertorriqueňo and the national universities of the Island. The proceedings were published in 2002.

The Eighth International Conference

"Law and Language: The theory and the practise of linguistic policies"

was held in May 2002 in Iaşi, Romania, in cooperation with the "Mihail Kogalniceanu" University. The proceedings were published in 2003.

The Ninth International Conference

"Law, language and the Linguistic Diversity" 

was held in September 2004 in Beijing, China, in cooperation with the China University of Political Science and Law and the Institute of Applied Linguistics of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The Proceedings were published in Beijing in 2006.

The Tenth International Conference

"Language Law and Language Rights: The challenges of enactment and implementation"


was held in Galway, Ireland, in June 2006, in cooperation with the Academy for Irish-Medium Studies, the Irish Centre for Human Rights, the National University of Ireland in Galway and the Irish Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

The Eleventh International Conference

Law, Language and Global Citizenship"


was held in Lisbon, Portugal, in July 2008, in cooperation with the APP (Association of Teachers of Portuguese Language) at the Gulbenkian Foundation. The Proceedings were published in Lisboa in 2009.

The Twelfth International Conference

"Law, Language and the Multilingual State"

was held at the Black Mountain Center (Bloemfontein), South Africa, in November 2010, in cooperation with the University of the Free State. The Proceedings have been published on 2013.

The Thirteenth International Conference

"Language Rights, Inclusion and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts" 

was held in Chiang Mai (at the Horizon Village and Resort), Thailand, in December 2012, in cooperation with the International Observatory of Language Rights of the University of Moncton, Canada, UNESCOCAT and Linguapax of Barcelona.

The Fourteenth International Conference 

"1st Worldwide Congress of Language Rights" 

was held in Teramo, Italy, on May 2015, in cooperation with the University of Teramo. The Proceedings were published in 2016. 

The Fifteenth International Conference

"Law, Language and Justice"


was held at the Zhejiang Police College, in Hangzhou, China, on May 2017, in cooperation with Zhejiang University of Hangzhou. The Proceedings were published in 2017


The Sixteenth International Conference

"Legal Tanslation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics"


was held in Poznan, Poland, on June 2019, in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewics University, the Zhejiang University of Hangzhou and the Zhejiang Police College of Hangzhou. The Proceedings were published in 2020.

The Seventeenth International Conference

"Law and Language"


will be held in Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria, on may 2022, in cooperation with the Mouloud Mammeri University.

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